Anonymous asked: What happened with Joseph/do you regret having sex with him?

He was my best friend outside of my close friend group from 8th grade till sophomore year and he was sort of my one person to talk to constantly and about anything and then we started hooking up but never had any intention of being a thing at all and then I lost my virginity to him and he decided it wasn’t right so we stopped talking for a few months and I don’t know what happened exactly but now we aren’t really friends. I go back and forth from regretting it. I don’t think I made a bad decision at the time because it seemed sort of natural but sometimes I wonder if that is actually the reason we can’t be close anymore and if that is the case than there is definitely a part of me that wishes it never happened. Basically I valued his friendship a lot more than I valued him as the person to take my virginity, so in that sense, I regret it. 

Anonymous asked: biggest fears?

not getting into the colleges I want to go to because I didn’t do well freshman/sophomore year, not taking opportunities because I’m worried about what I’m missing at home, not moving on as quickly as my friends do when we leave for college and them not caring about sustaining friendships with me, dying before I’ve left any significant impact on people/the world



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Anonymous asked: will you take a selfie right now and post it

lol hellooooimage